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Fire Show, UV Show, Fakir, Belly Dance

Fire Show

Fire Show

Black Evils is group of professional performers of Fire Show, UV Show, Fakir Show, Ballroom Dance and Belly Dance, who perform in Slovakia and abroad for several years. We offer completely safe and high quality performances suitable for any occasion starting from Ball and Party up to presentation of companies or products.

Our performers have already performed in hundreds of performances in various conditions and they are able to assimilate to any request of the customer.

If you don’t know how to vivify your party, ball or meeting, and you are looking for something really special, you have browsed the right page!

Fire Show & Twirling History


Fire eating and fire spitting dates to 2000 BC, performed by priests as a worship to Gods. Later were Sufi, Fakir or Swami utilized, who instead of using it to worship, used it to present public that they were touched by Gods and able to do amazing things. This was not widely used however.

Chinese royal performers were the first to incorporate fire into their shows, though it was using a piece of smouldering cloth in their mouth to make them look as if they were breathing smoke. This happened around the 1700's.

The entire thing of people in the Renaissance eating fire for entertainment is media hype and nonsense. They could not afford to waste resources in such ways.

Fire Show

The first signs of using fire for entertainment, around carnivals and circuses, dates from late 19th century up to beginning of 20th century. It was still just kind of a side show, which role was to attract people to circus.

The fire Show as a main part of the show is performed just for last 10-15 years. However, they are performed only by less conservative circuses due to law restrictions.

Even though it looks very confident, there were no Maori, Chinese, Indonesians or Polynesians in medieval history that were using fire on their staffs or eating fire. This form of art was created in our era.

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